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RJ & Anna Beth

Happy Friday loves!!! I am super excited to get the weekend started, but first I wanted to share a couple of my favorite images from an engagement session I shot in Oxford, Mississippi a few short weeks ago!

I met up with RJ & Anna Beth at RJ's grandmothers house in a quaint little neighborhood in downtown Oxford. You know the type of grandmothers house that you could go in and just look at stuff for hours? I was intrigued by her book collection. And she was the absolute sweetest thing waiting on her RJ to arrive from Jackson, MS. I think it's kind of a weekend tradition for them. (RJ has the right idea. He drives an Uber in Oxford on the weekends. Can you say

CA-CHING!!!). :)

Once they arrived and we said our hello's we headed out to The Grove at the University of Mississippi to start the engagement session We along with probably 30 other people had the same idea. Beautiful day, flowers are blooming, let's take pictures! We had to wait in line to use some of the iconic spots, but it was worth it!

We then headed to The Square to finish up the engagement session. Let me just tell you, Friday nights on The Square in Oxford, MS are HOPPING! We met the neatest looking dog. If you are a native to the little town, you might have seen him before. His name is Flynn and he is a Borzoi. You can go check him out on Instagram here. He was the sweetest little guy.

I guess that is enough of me rambling. HA! Let me introduce to you the sweetest couple, RJ & Anna Beth! I can not wait for their upcoming wedding day in just a few short weeks!

xo, Jessica


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