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Caroline & Malena

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

So this is a first for me and I thought what would be a better way to start blogging than to tell you a little bit about my first time hanging out with two Houston High School students! But first, if you don't know this, I am a Northeast Mississippi, true southern girl, transplanted into the city of Memphis, Tennessee. I have been in business for 10 years (full time 6ish) and feel that I am completely blessed by my clients back home. But y'all! I have been trying really hard to bust into the Memphis senior market! It just hasn't been the easiest...

I was connected with Caroline last summer. We have been chatting off and on and just now were able to make the most amazing shoot happen! She brought along (the sweetest) Malena!

Caro (we will call her for short, because her friends do) will be graduating from Houston High School in a few short months. She is hoping to go to UT in the fall. Caro is a mom at heart and has a calming nature about her.

Malena (who shares the same birthday as me) is a junior and is a little skeptical about starting her senior year at high school with most of her besties graduating this year! Malena has a hard time saying no to Starbucks and has a true zest for life.

Both of these girls are cheerleaders for Houston High School! Fingers crossed Caro makes the squad for UT, and Malena and the rest of the Houston High School cheer squad will bring home another national title for cheerleading next school year (because they totally brought down the house this year)! They are both super trendy, rocking the thrift store vibes with mom jeans and Doc Martens (a timeless staple, IMO), and love alternative rock. I think they were just trying to fool me, because we jammed to some Ariana Grande on the way home from the shoot and I am pretty sure I heard them singing along in the backseat. I really had so much fun hanging out with these two young ladies. They were the absolute sweetest and brought lots of laughs to a little bit of a gloomy afternoon.

Meet Caroline & Malena!


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